Why do my lights dim when the air conditioner turns on, or when the furnace, microwave, washing machine or other equipment comes on?

Dimming or flickering light fixture

There are many problems that can cause lights to dim. It can be time consuming to identify the problem.

Our standard home electrical hazard detection service includes testing for these conditions which can cause dimming lights:

  • low voltage
  • loose connections
  • under-sized wiring
  • resistance problem in wiring
  • phase imbalance
  • circuit breaker malfunction
  • overloading of circuits

Depending on the specific wiring in your home, it may or may not be economical to eliminate the dimming completely.

Here are some other possible causes. Testing for these is not included in our standard service:

  • problems in appliances or heating and air conditioning equipment, such as faulty motors or wiring
  • quality of power provided by the utility company (NOTE: This does not always mean that the utility provider is obligated to rectify the problem. Utility providers have acceptable limits and tolerances that allow some fluctuation.)

It will be necessary to experience the dimming event to identify the problem. When we have completed our service, we will provide you with a report detailing our findings. We will review the report with you and discuss your options.

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